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Be Bold: eye contact


The last time you went to the store, did you make eye contact with the clerk when you said thank you? Think about it. After they rang up your toilet paper and your boxed wine and your it’s-not-delivery pizza, did you look them in the eye when you said thanks?  

This weekend, keep your phone in your pocket and look people in the eye when you speak to them. Look at the clerk, look at the bus driver, look at that hottie across the bar for more than a fleeting second and revel in the uncomfortableness. Really soak up that, “but they’re staring into my soul!” feeling, because that’s what life is supposed to be.

Hold eye contact like it’s a dare, because it is.  

Make eye contact when you say thank you and mean it.

Make eye contact when you say hello and be present.  

Make eye contact when you hold out a piece of paper with your number on it and say, “if you’re interested.”  

Make eye contact and smile when you do it. Life is short, but we don’t have to be.

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